U.S. Small Arms Training School
Dedicated Defensive Marksman
Training & Certification Course

Fee $975

Class Capacity 6 Students


Restricted to Law Enforcement Officers, Military, DOD Operators and Individuals working as an International Dignitary
Protection Specialist

This 40-hour course increases the abilities and knowledge of law enforcement officers involved in Short – long range
scoped rifle shootings.

The following is a course outline of what you can expect to cover:

  • Mindset of a Designated Marksman
  • Safety
  • Selecting a Precision Rifle
  • The Process and Equipment to Enhance a Precision Rifle
  • Understanding the Different Optic types that are used by Professionals
  • Precision Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Precision Rifle Handling
  • Multiple Rifle Shooting Positions
  • Zeroing a Scoped Rifle
  • Tactical use of Cover and Concealment
  • Accurately Engaging Short – Long Range Targets
  • Selecting Ammunition
  • Understanding Ballistic Calculations
  • Use of Trajectory Charts and Rifle Data Books
  • Range Estimation
  • Reduced Light Training
  • Precision Single Shots
  • Rapid Loading and Firing
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Understanding Angle Shooting
  • Firing from Cover and Concealment
  • Handgun Transition
  • Threat Identification
  • Overcoming Firearm Malfunctions, Clearing Drills
  • Individual and Team Operation

Equipment Requirement

  • Rifle: Law enforcement/Tactical optically-sighted, bolt or semi-automatic rifle, caliber .223 or larger, and
    capable of holding at least four rounds within the rifle's integral or detachable box magazine,
  • RECOMMENDED: 308 Bolt Style Rifle, ex Remington 700. If you need a rifle, look under the firearms section for
    a LE discounted price.
  • Optical Sight: The optical sight should be of the tactical-type, equipped with micrometer scale and turret-type
    elevation and windage adjustment knobs, which can be turned with the fingers and have both tactile and
    audible, click adjustments. Standard hunting-type optical sights, (coin or screwdriver adjustments), are not
    suitable for this school. A duplex-type or Mil-dot reticle is recommended.
  • Ammunition: Bring 500 rounds of duty or training rifle ammunition. Recommend (Federal Gold Medal, Sierra
    MatchKing, Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP), 168 or 175 Grain, Cartridge for: 308 Winchester Chambered Rifles)
    100 rounds of duty or training handgun ammunition
  • Day Type Pack
  • Rifle Bipod
  • Sandbags
  • Rifle Sling
  • Cleaning Equipment (rifles will be cleaned frequently during the school)
  • Flashlight capable of one-handed operation
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Baseball Type Cap or Bowie Hat
  • Small Note Book.
  • Tripod mounted spotting scope (Optional)
  • Binoculars (Optional)
  • Waterproof ground cover or shooting mat
  • Knee/Elbow Pads
  • BDU type Uniform or Outdoor Clothing
  • Sunscreen